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Engines and Components

Bead blasting will remove old paint, rust, oil and corrosion to leave it with a clean, bright and smooth surface finish. Glass bead is spherical therefore it will not damage the surface unlike the more angled media which will slightly break the surface ready for the primer.

Some examples of the engine casings , gear boxes , manifolds, carburetors and other components can be seen in our gallery. Take a look.

The process of Glass Bead blasting engines and components is becoming more poplar in the automotive industry  as it is a cost effective way of stripping away the old paint without damaging  the original metal.

It can be used on a variety on materials including Stainless Steel, aluminium, brass, copper and many more.

If you wish to see the finished product of what bead can do for you then call in, we have some items which you can see and feel the outcome of bead blasting.


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